Bill and Jackie talking about their Buenas Cosas Experience

Volunteers Bill and Jackie talking about their Buenas Cosas Experience

“Hello my name is Bill and this is my wife Jackie. We are from Canada. We came down and connected with one of the courses and she connected with this magical family here in a little town San veto while we’re here we’ve gotten to know the family. We know their children. One boy is that what I’m going on daughter’s school we learn how to milk cow’s cargo how we visited again. I came through with them with their lands is the visit to college because it’s very close to here. Yes and I think the main thing is that over here for us to help people with their gardens and we did that beautiful flowers and vegetables. she’s went in and I think that they’re really impressed with is that the people here really know their plants and so they were very grateful and friendly towards us for any kind of help we can give they already know a lot you know a lot about growing stuff. So yeah it’s been fun getting to know the great connection and block is totally amazing family and she’s just to see this in my mind just that she knows and their spirit is incredible. So the it looks like the most help that we brought were to enable the seeds to come here because the seeds are expensive and this is not a very rich part of the country who are coming here and able to seeds to come here and that was such an exciting thing for the people here we were welcomed into the neighbor’s houses the light of the world supper or chicken for drink not for alcoholic drink. Or fruit and just open arms and I’m very generous with both Time lot of fun and we recommend Buenas Cosas. They would like to do some more. The a lot more people are asking for gardens and those stubble gardens flower vegetable gardens and so anybody that would like to be involved in some of the projects here.”

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