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Volunteer PocoPoco volunteering is an affordable, all-access option for volunteers wanting to join us here Guatemala.

Volunteer Direct – Every cent you donate stays here in Guatemala supporting our Partner Communities, sustainable social development and volunteer projects. Your volunteer participation will directly assist our non-profit ecotours, volunteering and sustainable social development here in Guatemala.

Immersion and Volunteering – You’ll be immersed in the culture of Peten Guatemala. Immersion includes Spanish. No worries. Included with your Poco volunteer participation is our quick and easy Spanish Survival workshop and 6 page workbook. With a little bit of effort on your part, you’ll have all the Spanish you need in a day or three. Or, study Spanish one-on-one with a Spanish Study partner.

The people of Peten (Peteneros) are some of the most friendly, kind, patient people on the planet. Our volunteers are consistently amazed at how welcome they feel being among the happy, peaceful people of Peten.

Sustainable Development – volunteering with Buenas Cosas is sustainable development designed from the ground-up to impact generations. We’re relentless. Our projects are continually reassessed to assure we are doing the best we can for the environment and the members of our Partner Communities. Not taking, always giving. We succeed when we quit and pass our programs and projects to our Partner Community. We move on down the road to the next community – we’ve got a waiting list.

Poco Volunteer Participation – You’ll assist with anything related to Buenas Cosas. We provide many different volunteer programs and Partner Communities. We’ll do all we can to place you in the Partner Community and volunteer program you desire. Best to donate to the volunteer program of your choice with your Reservation Donation and save your spot, volunteering in the program of your choice.

Poco is not Grande/Maximo volunteering – While we very much appreciate Poco participants and their contributions, it’s not feasible to offer Poco volunteer participants all that is available to our Grande/Maximo participants. Grande/Maximo participants donate more and receive a richer experience.

Upgrade to Grande/Maximo anytime by paying the difference due.

Poco Volunteer Orientation / Training
You’ll spend the first day in orientation / training. We respect the culture and tradition of our Partner Communities. You’ll be given all the Do’s and Don’ts of being in our Partner Communities.

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As a Poco volunteer you’ll homestay with a family in one of our Partner Communities or at our Community Center. In any case you’ll have your own spot and three family meals each day. Yes, couples may share the same spot and same-sex couples are welcome. But, it’s not the cultural norm in our Partner Communities for couples to engage in PDA.

Meals are included with your Poco volunteering. These are good, healthy meals – tasty Guatemalan food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are an important part of Guatemalan culture. Don’t miss meals. Vegetarian diets are easily accommodated. Vegan and/or raw-food diets are not possible available at this level. No worries, you’re welcome to use our Maya kitchen and prepare whatever you like whenever you want.

Volunteer 5 Days per Week
You’ll volunteer 4 hours each day, Monday through Friday. So long as you support a volunteer project with its donation, you can participate in any volunteer project you like. Or, choose one of our Free volunteer projects. Or, we’ll be happy to put you volunteering where you’re needed most.

Ecotours / Fun Days
Fun Day activities vary. You could be exploring Mayan caves or Mayan ruins, boating, fishing, swimming or hiking/biking/horseback-riding.

Make Your Poco Volunteer Reservation Donation – Quick & Easy…
1 – Read the FAQ
2 – Post your Poco Volunteer Reservation Donation
3 – Send us a photo of your happy face, your completed SignUp and you’ll have email confirmation the next day.

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Volunteering is Not Free

Volunteer Orientation and Training

Volunteers respect the culture, traditions and values of our Partner communities. we’re happy to show you the ropes. At arrival, volunteers are provided with orientation and training. As a volunteer you’ll know how to handle yourself in our Partner Communities. Our Volunteer training and orientation manual is full of great little tips and tricks to make your volunteer stay with us easy and enjoyable.

Security in Guatemala

Naysayers like to concentrate on the violence in Guatemala – nonsense. Yes, there’s violence in Guatemala – mostly Guatemalan-on-Guatemalan. Guatemala is safe for foreign travelers and volunteers and the statistics validate it. If you doubt this fact, visit the Thorntree forums at LonelyPlanet.com and do a little research – share what you find with family/friends who may express concern about your desire to volunteer in Guatemala. It’s easy to be safe in Guatemala. All you need to do is follow one simply rule…

don’t do anything stupid and nothing stupid will happen to you

We’ve designed our volunteer orientation and training to completely prepare you to safely experience all that we offer our volunteers in Guatemala. So long as you don’t do anything stupid – absolutely no worries :)


Learning + Service

Our entire approach to volunteering, is based on learning and service. With that in mind, you need to stand on your own two-feet. We’re not baby-sitters and we’re not here to force anything on anyone. We have a wealth of social development experience. We offer a broad selection of volunteer opportunities. We’ve got all the cross-cultural experience and immersion you can handle. We’re happy to share all we have with our volunteers. But, you need to take the initiative. When you’re volunteering with Buenas Cosas in Guatemala: put down your tablet, get off the Internet, pull yourself out of your hammock, get out of your comfort-zone, get out into your Partner Community and be pro-active. You’ll have a better volunteer experience and you’ll do more good things :)


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