volunteerVolunteering is open to anyone who shows-up, anytime, day or night. Best to arrive with a volunteer reservation donation and your spot saved. Whatever works best for you. In any case, don’t do anything until you’ve read our FAQ.

Volunteers can do more than just volunteering: ecotours, Spanish study and more.

Get out and have some fun in the jungle, on the lake, grab a bike, ride a horse, go for a hike. Go fishing with our favorite one-legged fisherman, Don Pedro. Pedro has some great stories and an awesome old dugout canoe he bought used 25 years ago – a true Maya fishing opportunity.

Explore our dozens of local Maya communities and ancient Maya sites. You’ll be in Peten Guatemala – heart and soul of the ancient Maya civilization. There’s a Maya ruin not far from Buenas Cosas – the New York City of the Maya world. And we’re not talking about Tikal. Raised highways cutting through the jungle connecting the ancient Maya ball courts and Maya pyramids. Largest pyramid the world – right here in Peten Guatemala.

Study Spanish on your own or with a dedicated Spanish Study Partner. You’ll be immersed in Spanish. This is your chance to really improve your Spanish language skills. In any case, all Volunteers have access to our Spanish Survival Workshop and 6 page workbook – it’s included with your volunteer reservation donation. You’ll be empowered with all the Spanish you need – so long as you study your 6 page Spanish Survival Workbook. Spanish, we’ve got you covered :)


3 Volunteer levels…


Volunteer PocoPoco volunteering is our most affordable, full-access option. Poco volunteers enjoy access to our ecotours, Spanish study, a choice of 3 different Free volunteer projects, full use of our Maya kitchen and 3 Guatemalan family meals each day – except Sunday. $99 each week

Poco volunteering – learn more – details & reservations


Volunteer GrandeGrande volunteering provides you with everything included in Poco volunteering plus a private room and an option to volunteer 2, 3 or 5 days weekly. Our most popular volunteer track. $199 each week

Grande volunteering – learn more – details & reservations


volunteer maximoMaximo volunteering is Grande volunteering plus social development workshops led by key members of Buenas Cosas. Maximo volunteers are provided a better understanding of social development and how/why we work the way we do – permaculture. $299 each week

Maximo volunteering – learn more – details & reservations


Bring Good Things to Guatemala, please

Volunteering is Not Free

ecotours and TIES

Orientation and Training

Volunteers respect the culture, traditions and values of our Partner communities. we’re happy to show you the ropes. At arrival, volunteers are provided with orientation and training. As a volunteer you’ll know how to handle yourself in our Partner Communities. Our Volunteer training and orientation manual is full of great little tips and tricks to make your volunteer stay with us easy and enjoyable.

Security in Guatemala

Naysayers like to concentrate on the violence in Guatemala – nonsense. Yes, there’s violence in Guatemala – mostly Guatemalan-on-Guatemalan. Guatemala is safe for foreign travelers and volunteers and the statistics validate it. If you doubt this fact, visit the Thorntree forums at LonelyPlanet.com and do a little research – share what you find with family/friends who may express concern about your desire to volunteer in Guatemala. It’s easy to be safe in Guatemala. All you need to do is follow one simply rule…

don’t do anything stupid and nothing stupid will happen to you

We’ve designed our volunteer orientation and training to completely prepare you to safely experience all that we offer our volunteers in Guatemala. So long as you don’t do anything stupid – absolutely no worries :)

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Learning + Service

Our entire approach to volunteering, is based on learning and service. With that in mind, you need to stand on your own two-feet. We’re not baby-sitters and we’re not here to force anything on anyone. We have a wealth of social development experience. We offer a broad selection of volunteer opportunities. We’ve got all the cross-cultural experience and immersion you can handle. We’re happy to share all we have with our volunteers. But, you need to take the initiative. When you’re volunteering with Buenas Cosas in Guatemala: put down your tablet, get off the Internet, pull yourself out of your hammock, get out of your comfort-zone, get out into your Partner Community and be pro-active. You’ll have a better volunteer experience and you’ll do more good things :)


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