It’s All Good volunteer project

ItsAllGood volunteer projectIt’s All Good volunteer project – we always need a hand with something around here at Buenas Cosas. If you want to help, we’re grateful for your support :)

Here are few volunteer project tasks we have waiting…

We need another chicken-condo for our chickens.

We need some help with the remodeling of our old treehouse – this is always fun :)

Goats need a new champa so they can get out of the rain and sun.

After 4 years, it’s time to fortify / recycle / redo our old organic compost bin.

We need lots of help at the Finca. All sorts of tasks are waiting. We have lumber sitting here waiting to be put up on the caretaker’s cottage.

We need someone to handle our weekly organic insecticide / fungicide spraying to keep the gnarly critters off our 3 acres of corn, beans, squash and lots more.

Hugelculture medicinal plant garden is waiting for some love.

We need some jute coffee bags stitched together for the roof on ChuChu’s horse cart.

There’s lots more, but we’ll stop there :)

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