Good Maya volunteer project

Good Maya volunteer projectYou’ll gain hands-on insight into the Maya culture of Peten Guatemala. You’ll be working directly with women of Peten, Peteneras. You’ll learn how to cook, weave and prepare traditional medicinal plants just like the women of Peten (Peteneras).There is a healthy dose of spiritualism in everything the Peteneras do. If you’re devoutly ‘religious’, this track is not for you. Matters of spirituality are delicate subjects with all people of Peten. You are here to listen and learn, not to preach your version of ‘religion’. You must be 110% respectful of other people’s beliefs in order to participate in this track. If you are not respectful, you will be asked to leave.

Being invited into the kitchen of a Petenera is an honor and it must be respected. Never assume you have access to anything in the kitchen – always ask permission. Some of the recipes that can be covered during your participation in this track include tortillas, empenadas, tayuyos, chocolate atol, cereza/pineapple wines, bollitos, tasty Petenera salsas and more.

There are some amazing medicinal plants in Peten and you’ll learn many of their uses and preparations.

The longer you participate the more you’ll experience. Learn the Maya egg-treatment for release of stress, depression and all sorts of ‘evil juju’ – super effective on children. Learn the many different jungle teas that are used to treat a wide variety of issues.

We may visit Piedad, the Midwife and CuraDura of El Chal, in her humble home. Piedad is getting older and does not have much energy. But when she does, she can take you to places right out of a fairy-tale – perhaps to the cave of the dragon near here home.

We strongly recommend women-only for this track :)

Good Maya Volunteer Project

Good Maya volunteer project

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