Good Kids volunteer project

Good Kids volunteer projectEnglish is super important here in Guatemala. Many jobs require candidates to be bilingual and English is the preferred secondary language. In our experience, all public schools in Peten Guatemala lack qualified English teachers and the private schools are a bit better.

This is not about teaching in a classroom. This is more about giving kids a dynamic, experiential opportunity to practice and learn English from people who speak English. The focus is on conversational Spanish. It’s super easy and super fun. This is without a doubt one of our most popular volunteer projects – and for good reason.

Kids in Guatemala are outgoing and love to interact with our ‘Gringo’ volunteers. You’ll quickly and easily be accepted into the community. Immediately you’ll be shown the hospitality of what it’s like to be part accepted by the entire community – because of the children you’re teaching English. Kids are the focus of all families here in Peten Guatemala.

In 2013 we started our PenPals outreach project, connecting Guatemalan and US kids – another bit we can add to your Good Kids volunteer project participation, as availability and timing allows.

Vacation Break for kids in Peten runs each year from October through December. During the annual Vacation Breaks we sponsor 6 weeks of ‘English for Kids’ classes in our Partner Communities. We culminate the close of the 6 week English for Kids session with each child receiving a diploma and we have a nice party too: balloons, cake and fireworks – good things for a Guatemalan party – always lots of fun :)



Good Kids Volunteer Project

Good Kids volunteer project

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