Good Finca volunteer project

Good Finca volunteer projectGood Finca volunteer project is Free to both Travelers and Volunteers. Our permaculture center (finca/farm) needs lots of love. Volunteer in this program and learn about permaculture on our ~7 acres farm with incredible views of Lake Peten Itza. Plant some pineapples, almond/cashew trees. Come and help deveopment a permaculture food forest. Lots to do and we need all the hands we can get :)

We already done lots of work on the organic finca – several thousand hours of volunteer work.

We have four ranchos that need walls.

We have two fish ponds that need jute/plants stabilization around the edges.

There enough to keep us busy for years – come help and learn about hugelculture, aquaponics and how organic corn, beans and squash can be grown in Guatemala. We’re happy to share all we know with our Good Finca volunteer project participants :)

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