Good DIY volunteer project

Good DIY volunteer projectWorking one-on-one with Buenas Cosas you’ll develop your own sustainable social development project. The possibilities are limitless. But, we need to agree on the details. Your volunteer project concept may not gel with our Partner Communities.

We’ve been implementing sustainable permaculture-based social development in our partner communities since 2011. We know what works – what we offer here. We’ve tried dozens of different social development projects. We are happy to share our volunteer project development experience with you. We want your self-designed volunteer project to be an absolute success!

All that said, we will be honest with you. If you approach us with an social development volunteer project idea and we know for a fact it will not work – we’ll tell you. If you have a volunteer project, something new and different that we haven’t yet tried to implement, we’re excited to bring your volunteer project ideas to life – right here in our Partner Communities.

We’ll be happy to work with you to co-create a solution that works for you and our partner communities.

Contact us and share the vision you have for your DIY volunteer project

Good DIY Volunteer Project

Good DIY volunteer project

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