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Cierra from San Diego – her first solo-trip and she chose Buenas Cosas…


David, a firefighter from Canada…


Maayan, a traveler from Israel…

Mirella and Fiona
Mirella is a civil rights attorney in the UK and Fiona is a refugee skills training project manager in Glasgow. These two know and understand social development, intimately. Unfortunately, the audio bonked on their video testimonial. So, included their testimonial from AirBnB below…


Mirella and Fiona Bed and Breakfast testimonial Guatemala
Mirella and Fiona Bed and Breakfast testimonial Guatemala

We stayed in San Jose and it was amazing! The family with stayed with was so kind to me and my friend and we got to spend some time with them. It was truly an amazing experience to get to visit a local pueblo. Everyone was so nice and so helpful. We spent most of our time swimming in the lake, which was so beautiful and peaceful. Buenas Cosas is a wonderful project, we had a dinner with Memo where we got to learn more about the beautiful things that him, Angelica and many other volunteers do to help the local communities. We also met Angelica who was truly an inspiration. I would definitely like to come back as a volunteer and get involved in one of Buenas Cosas many projects. Highly recommended. Stay there and to enjoy the magic with lovely people. We miss you guys!


Sally – kindergarten teacher from Oakland California
Sally participated in the Good Animals + Good Gardens volunteer projects and donated wood boards to a local community member (single-mom, Zaira) who needed them for a little house she’s building. Sally also did an ecotour to Tikal and completed her Buenas Cosas experience with a trip to Semuc Champey, another of Buenas Cosas ecotours. Thanks for all the good things you did here in Peten Guatemala, Sally!!!

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