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BuenasCosas = GoodThings 2012-2013 campaign video

Tess and Nadav’s Volunteer Homestay Video
Thanks so much for putting this together, Tess :)

Really cool and interesting experience.
Tess and Nadav – Israel

Loved our homestay. Learned to cook tamales and made our own chile.
Lacey and Neil – USA

Good opportunity, nice people!
Scott – Canada

Amazing time and experience, recommend for everybody!
Ilona – Netherlands Hollanda

Best thing, loving time, amazing experience!
Annie – Maryland USA

Really great time, beautiful place to stay!
Yvonne – Switzerland

Good work that I enjoyed, stay an extra week, recommend it!
Naomi – Perth, Australia

Recommend it to anyone. You’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Wonderful.
Laura – Wisconsin USA

It was alot of fun. It’s amazing to see what Buenas Cosas can do with such a low-budget. Amazing. I really enjoyed it. I’ll always come back again.
Alisa – Germany

Wish I could stay another month.
Leo – Canada

…an Amazing Experience.
Asha – Tanzania

Great organization doing good things for its community.
Michal – Lubuskie, Poland

You’ll love it here.
Jane – British Columbia

Buenas Cosas was great. Wonderful family! Great spirit!
Neda – Switzerland

Thanks again for the experience and the opportunity to help an awesome project
Carly – Wyoming USA

We definitely, definitely recommend Buenas Cosas. They really look after you.
Sophie and Rob – New Zealand

We really enjoyed our time here. Thank you so very much.
Rosie and Lee – London UK

What a great way to get to experience Guatemala! The work was fun and the food, great. Everyones’ Spanish improved while there. The help with the extra exploring was beyond the call.
Margurite – Arizona / Texas / Bahamas

Great organization doing a lot of cool things, beautiful and peaceful place, good food and interesting people.
Michal EVS Volunteer – Poland

Buenas Cosas has to be experienced to understand. It is people like Buenas Cosas who provide hope for a better world.
Judith – Florence, Italy

We had a wonderful time! They’re doing some really great things in Guatemala for the people and environment. Don’t pass up the chance.
Robert – Columbus, United States

You made my Guatemala experience so great! I absolutely have to come back some day. Like a magnet for Buenas Cosas and Great People. Also, the most comfy hammock Ive ever had the pleasure of being lazy in exists here. Great conversations, and an excellent launch pad for seeing the real Guatemala.
Tim – Vancouver, Canada

Buenas Cosas is a beautiful initiative with beautiful people. Memo, Angelica, Wilson, Reina, P and William are an amazing family and they made me feel part of it. And could not have asked for a better birthday on the road! Eternal thanks, for such a great experience. I look forward to visiting my Guatemalan family in the near future. Besos!
Michelle – San Juan, Puerto Rico

I had a wonderful time at Buenas Cosas. Great opportunities for volunteering and a good place for language practice as well. Thanks Buenas Cosas!
Stephen – Flagstaff, United States

Super positive and educational experience. Keep up the good work guys!
Shona – Boulder, United States

I love this place, Angelica, Memo, the whole family, and, well, everyone I ever said “Buenas!” to in passing during my 3 weeks there. Having just come from NYC, on my first travel experience, what awaited me when I arrived in Peten was not something that I could have anticipated. But I’ll tell you this honestly: I would not have changed a single thing about it, even down to the hot days and cold showers. When you sign up for this experience, do so knowing that it’s not going to be posh like any of the hostels you’ll find 9 minutes away in Flores. But if you want to actually experience what it’s like to live in Guatemala; and you are ready to throw-down for any new experience that comes your way; and you’ll come in to it with an open mind and an open heart — then I can not recommend it highly enough.
Conroy – New York, United States

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