Spanish Survival Workshop + Workbook $FREE$

Spanish Survival Workshop + WorkbookSit for an hour with a Spanish Survival Study Partner

During that hour with your Spanish Survival Study Partner you’ll review our 6 page Spanish Survival Workbook. Quickly and easily we’ll set you on the path to proper Spanish pronunciation, a few key Spanish verbs and basic Spanish vocabulary.

All the Spanish-speaking Guatemalans

…in our Partner Communities are more than happy to help you with your Spanish. But – they must be able to understand what you’re trying to say. Being able to properly say Spanish words is your first step to successful conversational Spanish.

Your 6-page Spanish Survival workbook

…covers all you need to know to be able to successfully speak basic conversational Survival Spanish. Our Spanish Survival Workshop and Workbook is not a magic pill – you’ll need to practice and study everything on those 6 pages. Most participants have all the Survival Spanish they need in a day or three. So long as you apply yourself, you’ll speak Spanish too!

The Spanish Survival Workshop and 6 page Spanish Survival Workbook is included at every level of Traveler / Bed and Breakfast and Volunteering.

If you want more Spanish than our Spanish Survival Workshop and 6 page workbook, consider Spanish Study with a dedicated on-on-one Spanish Study partner for $5 per hour.

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