Spanish Study with a Spanish Study Partner $5/hour

Spanish Study with a PartnerThis is not a classroom, not a typical by-the-book Spanish school language course. This is real-world one-on-one Spanish language immersion with an educated, native Spanish speaker. This is Spanish immersion. We call it Spanish Study with a Spanish Language Partner. This is a great way to learn, improve and study Spanish. Testimonials

Study Spanish for $5/hour

We partner with local university students, teachers and business professionals – our Spanish Study Partners. Of course, all our Spanish Study Partners speak fluent Spanish. Our Spanish Study Partners are eager to help you with your Spanish. Here are some Spanish phrases to get you started.

Format and Timing of your Spanish Study

….is coordinated between you and your Spanish Study Partner. We highly encourage meals, outings, participation in everyday activities and cultural/social events with your Spanish Study Partner. Learning and practicing your conversational Spanish language skills in a natural cultural and social environment, not a classroom, provides our Spanish Study participants with a highly productive, intense Spanish study experience.

Free Spanish Study

No matter what, all Traveler and Volunteer participants have access to our FREE Spanish Survival Workshop and Spanish Survival Workbook.


Skype Spanish Study

Spanish Study Partners are available over Skype too. Purchase our Spanish Survival Workbook for $5 along with a 3 hours and we’ll work with you to create Spanish tutor schedule that will work for you. Yes, your Skype Spanish study time with your Spanish language partner will be audio+video.

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