Sow Some Joe

Sow Some Joe 100 percent organic Guatemalan coffeeWe’re planting shade-grown organic coffee at our organic finca (farm) here in Guatemala. Adopt a coffee bush!

We’ve planted lots of coffee bushes :)

We want to plant a coffee bush for you too!

We’ll plant your coffee bush, make a great little sign with your name and stick next to your new coffee bush – to keep it company. We’ll take a nice photo of your coffee bush and snazzy little sign with a smiling Guatemalan.

All will be posted to a dedicated page at this website. Yes, we’re happy to link to your site too, if you like. We’ll also be giving you a snippet of code you can place at your site showing you Sowed Some Joe in Guatemala.

We’ll also include a map with the exact location of your coffee bush.

Donate a bit more, we’ll also include a nice little video of your coffee bush at our organic finca.

Donate quite a bit more, with our first harvest/shipment of organic coffee, we’ll send you 10 grams of Buenas Cosas organic coffee.

No matter your donation level, we’ll send you a suitable-for-framing Certificate of Appreciation.

We need your support and we’re happy to care for your coffee bush. We love coffee too :)

Plant a Coffee Bush

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Name for your Coffee Plant/s

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