San Miguel

San Miguel Petén GuatemalaSan Miguel is a modern Maya village built over the top of the ancient Maya village and its pyramid of Tayazal. Local women selling Maya food down on the beach. Fine collection of local eateries and plenty of cold refreshments – including some pretty fancy rums.

Check out the secret little Maya lagoon off the edge of the road as you walk up the local futbol field. Continue into the jungle and down the local beach, playita Chechenal. Pay a few Q to get it and grab a table with a groovy guano roof – rent a hammock or bring one with you – food and cold drinks usually available on weekends.

Continue around the tiny jungle pennisula. Keep on eye out for the little troup of spider monkeys that call the pennisula home. Grab a look at the local chaltun or climb to the treehouse on top of the Tayazal pyramid for great views of Lake Peten Itza and all its Maya villages.