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Amazing, awesome family and we’ll be coming back.
Jesse and Hailey from United States

We done a lot of good stuff, we teach English to kids was fun, we learn a lot, We had help from friends and family to start a eco lodge farm for permaculture and we were building house, fish bumps and other things.
Silke and Wannes from Belgium

Helping with the Finquita, construction of few houses, I Invite you to participate too, to do good things here.
Karina from Mexico

Working with Buenas Cosas, Farm Permaculture, I recommend to each one to come here and watch for yourself.
Nicholas from USA

Making tortillas, I learn about Buenas Cosas, I recommend this program, also check the list Good Things to bring..
Sonya from Indiana

Good room, beautiful family, beautiful place! Thank you
Lysa and Tania from Canada

Very awesome experience,i really enjoy stay with the family, i experience the quinceanera in Guatemala amazing, I like their vision, I recommend check out Buenas Cosas!.
David from California USA

It’s my second time here, enjoy this program, Angelica makes a good selections of families for the stoves, I will be back again, lots of fun and We’ll come back to see DJ Wilson :).
Sharon and Cory from Bermuda

Working gardening projects, really good experience, really cool invited to home to make tamales, share life, great ideas, come on and do some volunteer and share the love for people.
Maria from Denmark

Farm project, We were making a hole for fish part of the farm.
Paige and John from United States

Working in a farm, great ideas, all the best for the future.
Zoe from South-Africa

Gael from

Great environment, people here really want to do Good Things .
Joanna from Siadon Washington

We learn how to milk cows, we were really impressed the people know a lot of plants, we love the family, Experience incredible, Seeds are expensive, We were welcome with the family, lots of fun, we recommend Buenas Cosas, anyone who wants to be involved come!.
Bill and Jackie from Canada

I had a nice time with the animals, garden was interesting we were making a garden from the start.

Alison and Bridget from United States

I did the Good Maya Program, I made a hamaca, classes of cook, medicinal plants, It was really good.
Aimee from Australia

Working garden project, more people to come work in the same project, nice experience, playing with the kids, learning more how the people live here.
Michele from Canada

I learn how to make hamacas, a wonderful experience, good time, two weeks living a real Guatemalan life.
Edita from Slovenia

People are amazing, so happy, thank you for given me the opportunity to learn more about the area.
Caelia from England

Good garden I planted radishes, cilantro and others, I helped to teach English in my home stay, My experience here was great, I feel like I gain a lot of my Spanish, definitely I will return here, I feel like a have friends forever .
Chris from Florida

Thank you for having us here,nice to be in Peten, we were not to do that we are travelers, Thanks for everything.
Xochitl and Damian from United States

Enjoy myself, good time, y recommended, generous people, real Guatemala experience .
Kate from Texas

Enjoy myself, planting trees, Christmas was fun, great experience, longer time to stay is good.
Florence from Canada

Really good experience, I recommended Buenas Cosas.
Robin from Amsterdam

Sharon Bermuda – building the house, I make a hamaca, learn medicinal plants, cooking, enjoy been here, I recommend to everyone, Come to buenas cosas!.
Sharon from Bermuda

The host family are nice and polite, I enjoy the lessons, thank you Buenas Cosas for making this happening
Chiara from Austria

My first experience, very nice to share with family, good experience, Come to Buenas Cosas.
Marco from Guatemala

I teach English to kids, donated chickens to poor families, I will missed my family.
Libby from United States

It’s very great here, the family is great, enjoy my time .
Sarah from Washington

Great experience, I recommended .
Amit from Australia

Wonderful time,Spanish lesson very helpful ,I recommend to anyone to come here.
Maggie and Wesley from North of Caroline US

Wonderful family that I recommended, recommended good maya to learn traditional food.
Ally from Florida United States

Really good experience, good food, definitely recommended Buenas Cosas.
Michael from Colorado United States

Great experience, family great, great learning experience.
Travis from Mexico United States

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