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BuenasCosas = GoodThings 2012-2013 campaign video

Buenas Cosas are Buenas Ondas!
Alicja – Wroclaw, Poland

Totally Recommended
Damian – San Diego, United States

They are very conscious about nature and their project Buenas Cosas is really all about good!
Natalia – San Jose, Costa Rica

I really got to see Guatemalan life, awesome project, Buenas Cosas!
Narissa – Boston, United States

Really got to know the local people. What they’re doing is really Buenas Cosas!
Szczepan – Warsaw, Poland

Wonderful experience. I learned so much. Buenas Cosas had awesome things to do in Peten. Muchas Gracias!
Samantha – Raleigh, United States

Friendly. Welcoming. Immediately felt like I was a part of the family. It was sad to leave and I hope to return in the future!
Adam – Apex, United States

An enrichment of my path. Blessings to you all and Buenas Cosas.
Jannes – Eindhoven, Netherlands

Very friendly and generous. Thanks for everything!
Aza – Montreuil, France

Wonderful experience teaching English. Great slice of Guatemalan culture. Would love to return someday. Definitely recommended!
Jay – Whistler, Canada

Totalmente recomendable.
Paola – Tlalpan, Mexico

Taught English. Felt very welcome. Great way to to get a real feel for Guatemalan culture. Hope to return. Thanks sooo much!
Caitlin – Whistler, Canada

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