Plant a Tree or three in Guatemala

Plant a Tree or three in Guatemala We’re planting trees at our organic finca (farm). Adopt a tree, or three!

We’ve planted lots of trees :)

We want to plant a tree for you, too!

We’ll plant your tree, make a great little sign with your name and stick next to your new tree – to keep it company. We’ll take a nice photo of your tree and make a snazzy little sign, too. We usually use bamboo for the sign-posts. Bamboo is sustainable. We’ll take a photo of your tree with its nifty little sign and include a smiling Guatemalan. All will be posted to a dedicated page here to our website. Yes, we’re happy to link to your site too, if you like.

We’ll also include a map with the exact location of your tree.

We’ll also include a nice little video of your cashew tree at our organic finca.

With our first harvest, we’ll be sending you 1/2 ounce of cashew seeds, 1/2 ounce of almonds or possibly a small jar of our awesome cashew apple jam – all organic.

We’ll send you a suitable-for-framing Certificate of Appreciation. Show you support for sustainable agriculture. Get some nifty cashew nuts / organic cashew apple jam.

We need your support and we’re happy to care for your tree. We love trees!

Many ask us what sort of trees we plant. Depends. We need lots of new trees at our organic farm (finca). At the moment we concentrating on Madre de Cacao, Almonds, Limes, Mahogany, Cashews and Silicote.

Plant a Tree or 3

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