Maya Workshops

Maya workshopsThe wisdom of the Maya has been passed down for centuries from Maya fathers and mothers to Maya sons and daughters.

As a traveler or volunteer, Buenas Cosas Maya Workshops provide you the opportunity of an additional authentic Maya experience while you’re with us in Peten Guatemala.

Buenas Cosas Maya workshops take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple mornings and allow you to get up-close and personal with Maya culture – a real Maya experience.

Maya workshops…

Comida Maya – this is real Maya food and vegetarian fare is perfectly groovy. Dig into the masa, salsa, beans and jungle flowers the Maya love. Make some real Maya chili. Learn how to make your own Maya tortillas, tayuyus, empanadas, bollitos, tamales and more – lots of options. There is truly nothing more wonderful than watching a skilled Maya woman in the kitchen with her masa, fresh in from the corn grinder with that warm and wonderful smell of cooked corn – such a simple sounding thing until you watch it all brought together, you are trained by experts in Maya cuisine. If you love to cook, this is a super groovy Maya workshop. $10USD

Calendario Maya – this is astrology done Maya style for thousands of years and all based on the famous Maya calendar. The Maya calendar is much more detailed than typical European astrology. The Maya calendar is used to chart your daily life – a meditation – it’s called living the Maya calendar. Understand the people in your life better and create better relationships with the people you love. Each day of the Maya calendar has a different aspect, know it, study it, live it, meditate upon it each and every day – feel the peace and balance of Maya knowledge from thousands of years ago come into your life. Is Maya astrology accurate? If you feel it’s accurate then, it is. $13USD single or $25USD couple

Maya Jungle Morning – a couple hours in the jungle with an experienced Maya jungle guide and includes Maya jungle meal – good healthy homemade Maya food and a bit of real Maya chocolate to give you a great little energy boost. Learn about crucial Maya jungle plants used for food, shelter, water and snake-bite treatments. $30USD

Maya Jungle Hammock – your fingers will be tired when you’re finished, but you’ll complete this workshop with a hammock – all made by you and measured to fit just you. You’ll have your very own Maya jungle hammock – take it with you to el Mirador / la Danta Complex. Choose your colors and get to weaving your own Maya jungle hammock with the guidance of a skilled Maya hammock teacher. $27USD

Avocado Oil Maya – the principal ingredient in expensive/branded anti-aging treatments and hair conditioners. We’ll need some avocados and your help – your Maya avocado oil teacher will take you through each step and you’ll leave this Maya workshop with your very own Maya avocado oil. It was the Maya who first harnessed the power of the mighty avocado – right here, birthplace of the awesome avocado. We’ll also share our special avocado seed tortillas, packed with good things for your good body. You’ll go to the local open-air market and buy as many avocados as you like – make as much avocado oil as you like. $13USD

Maya Xocolātl – is what the Maya called chocolate – the drink made from the cacao seeds, first found right here in Guatemala. Maya chocolate is amazing. Immediate and sustained energy, loaded with tons more anti-oxidants than the adulterated milk+sugar stuff the Spaniards/Europeans called chocolate and spread throught the rest of the world. This is real Maya chocolate – just like the Maya made thousands of years ago. Maya chocolate comes from cacao beans, ground in a stone metate into a delicious paste and then flavored with local jungle bits – such as melipona bee honey (wild-crafted sting-less bees, raised wild usually in logs), chili, vanilla and more. The Maya actually used the fruit pulp to make ancient Maya booze 3,400+ years ago, a few hundred years before they started using the beans for their famous Maya xocolātl, chocolate. $20USD

Maya Coconut Oil – the Maya have used cocoyol oil for thousands of years. Cocoyol is a much smaller version of the typical coconut you see at the market – about the size of a golfball. It’s a lot of work to get oil out of cocoyol trees. We use the coconut you know and love and prepare our coconut oil from aged coconuts we gather from the communities where we work. $20USD

Maya Jungle Medicine – learn all about Maya medicinal jungle plants. Generation after generation the Maya have handed down their knoweldge of Maya jungle medicine for thousands of years. Ethnobotanists and other professionals have come to Peten for decades to record, study and examine the way the Maya used the jungle to give them all they needed. Now it’s your turn to learn about Maya jungle medicine. This stuff is cool and very practical for your travels in Central America. $26USD