Good Things to Bring to Guatemala

Bring Good Things to Guatemala, pleaseYou’re coming to Guatemala. You’re coming to Peten – the most remote region of Guatemala. Peten is twice as expensive as Guatemala City. Some things that are readily available in first-world countries are either impossible to find or super-expensive in this part of Guatemala.

Below are some good things we need. We would very much appreciate your help bringing them to Guatemala. If you want to bring them and donate them, Perfect – thanks so much for your support! If you want us to reimburse you for the purchase price on-arrival, that’s good too but please bring the receipt with you :)

If you’re in the US, we have a small kid’s bike waiting to fly with you to Guatemala.
Contact us and we’ll share the details. It’s super easy :)

The current list of needed bits…

Bayer Seresto Flea And Tick Collar, Large – please, please, please – we’ll reimburse you on arrival.

1 – any hard drive compatible with Dell C400 laptop (used is fine)
2 – any hard drive compatible with IBM ThinkPad T60 or a T43p laptop (used is fine)
3 – Real Maple Syrup – a cherished treat :)
4 – Grape Seed Extract and CoQ10 – gets rid of parasites/worms :)
5 – Oregano Oil – excellent natural anti-biotic
6 – bike tires/tubes 700X35-42 and 700X18-23 and 26X1.9-2.125 presta valves please
7 – any laptop with USB – bad battery, no problem :)
8 – nature/people-happy insect repellent – not DEET please
9 – 12 volt DC water pumps
10 – 25 watt or more solar panels
11 – solar inverters
12 – solar regulators
13 – LED lights – both 12volt DC and 110volt AC are needed
14 – Women’s Tevas size 35EU or 39EU
15 – Men’s Tevas size 44.5EU
16 – Men’s Tevas size 41EU
17 – Avid BB7 MTB Mech. Disc Brake Calipers + HS1 rotors 160mm
18 – Organic/GMO free Veggie Seeds – Seeds of Change
19 – Net pots for aquaponic gardens
20 – US-based person to receive/bring a new bike for our Bike for Good program – Please Please Please – we need more bikes :)
21 – receive and bring some electronics bits we need for our solar panels – click here
22 – a bottle or three of Ainger Celebrator Doppelbock (little White goat dangles on the bottle)
23 – Angelica needs lip balm – Burt’s Bees Hypo-Allergenic only please :)
24 – LED Christmas lights – please, please pretty please :)
25 – we’d really like to try some yuzukosho – a small bottle/tube is all we really need :)
26 – Bike stuff: chain breaker, floor pump, wheel truing stand, bike stand, loctite red/blue, Shimano MTB pedals/cleats, emergency trail repair kits, patches/glue, MTB gloves any size, helmets any size :)
27 – The Social Conquest of Earth – please bring this book with you :)
28 – Abundance – please bring this book with you :)
29 – Deck or three of permaculture cards
30 – diatomaceous earth (food grade) all you can stuff in your backpack, please :)
31 – Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway
32 – Bike Stuff for Buenas Cosas:
33 – Computer Stuff for Buenas Cosas:
34 – Good Books for Buenas Cosas:
35 – Jungle Stuff for Buenas Cosas:
36 – Kitchen Stuff for Buenas Cosas:
37 – Organic Gardens Stuff for Buenas Cosas:
38 – Solar Stuff for Buenas Cosas
39 – Supplements & Vitamins for Buenas Cosas:
40 – food-grade Diatomaceous Earth – please please please, bring at least a 5lb bag – we need this :)

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