Enemigos de Jack – Burn the Devil!!!

Thanks so much for your support, Jack!!! We would like to introduce you to Perali – 10 years-old, one of the top students in her class. Perali made your Diablito for you. Perali will be getting a new pair of school shoes with the funds from your donation – school starts again the second-week of January. Right now all the kids in Guatemala are on vacation. Since 2011, during the kids’ vacation break, Buenas Cosas sponsors a 6 week English-for-Kids program – Perali is one the students studying English with Buenas Cosas right now.

Chema el Diablo Burn the Devil BackStory – December 7th is the day we Burn the Devil in Guatemala. We turn all the Evil to Ashes and arise once again to start a new year free of the past. Quema el Diable. Burn the Devil. Always on December 7th and promptly starting at 6PM, we Burn the Devil Chema el Diable – learn more about Chema el Diable Burn the Devil in Guatemala.

Again, our most grateful appreciation to Jack for supporting our annual 24hour Burn the Devil Chema el Diable Fund-Raising. You Rock, Jack!!!