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The Uaxactun ecotour is a full-day that can easily be extended to a mult-day ecotour encompassing many other Maya sites in the same adventure. The Maya jungle is awesome!

If you can get to Guatemala during an equinox it will be an excellent time to visit Uaxactun. Every equinox the local Maya village, which sits inside the Tikal National Park, hosts a great Maya equinox celebration. We recommended this as a two-night excursion for the Maya equinox – it’s quite a Maya party :)

Uaxactun and Tikal were the major warring Maya cities of ancient days in this part of Peten Guatemala. The wars ended same as with most kingdoms of long ago, they had a marriage between the ruling royal families of Uaxactun (born in heaven) and Tikal and the Maya squabbling ended.

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If you can’t get to Uaxactun for the Maya equinox party, no worries – it still makes for a great ecotour with some excellent Maya art. Many say Uaxactun is the source of some of the best ancient Maya art in all of Guatemala.

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