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$9-$259/pp donation with transport, Tikal entrance fee, guide, snacks and lunch.

Duration walking 3-4 hours
Meals/Snacks included – snacks in the park and lunch along the lake at a private beach
Mountain Bike/MTB not available – unless you’re really gnarly
Difficulty easy to moderate walking – it can be tough for some to climb the temples.
Guide included or none at all

Can’t come to Peten Guatemala and not visit Tikal. We’re here to help with our Tikal ecotours. Tikal ecotours are easily arranged. Shuttles leave from the community market 4X daily. We also have English speaking guides and private community transportation available for your Tikal experience.

Do you know about the Guatemalan school kids who stopped the Guatemala military helicopter from taking the Maya stella from Tikal? We’re happy to share that on your Tikal ecotour.

Do you know that the excavation implemented at Tikal contributes to its deterioration? Today, they leave the Maya ruins mostly untouched and protected by natural jungle elements.

Did you know la Danta pyramid at el Mirador is so big that it covers an area MUCH greater than the entire Central Complex at Tikal? Tikal is more famous than la Danta / el Mirador. But back in the days of the ancient Maya it was el Mirador / la Danta that ruled – no doubt it.

There is no reason to get up before the sun for a Tikal Sunrise Tour. Sleep in to a reasonable hour and then head up to Tikal. Save some $$ :) and enjoy the comfort of your Buenas Cosas Bed and Breakfast before heading off to Tikal. You’ll see just as many animals. The sunrise is seldom visible at Tikal – it’s usually covered in jungle mist that time of the morning. The Tikal Sunrise Tour was simply a marketing invention to get travelers to spend an extra night in Flores or at one of the swanky hotels near Tikal.

We heard an interesting story from a volunteer who recently went to Tikal. She climbed to the top of Templo 4, the tallest temple at Tikal. She told us that on top of the Templo 4 was a sign that said, she was on top of the tallest pyramid in all of Mezo-America. Well, just like the Tikal Sunrise Tour – that’s a load of hooey – la Danta is easily twice as tall as anything at Tikal. Here’s a comparison…

la Danta is bigger than everything at Tikal
la Danta is bigger than everything at Tikal

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