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This is a full day ecotour. We’ll stop at 2 of the last villages in the world that speak Maya Itza. Estimates are that only 3,000 people in the world remain who speak Maya Itza.

Lots of interesting history in these two ancient Maya villages. We’ll have lunch at a local eatery – great place to enjoy some fresh Blanco fish from Lake Peten Itza. We hire a local fisherman to catch your fish and it will be waiting for your arrival, fresh and caught with love by an old one-legged man and master Maya boat builder.

We’ll walk/MTBride the ruins of Motul. Motul was an ancient Maya trade center with specialties in the production of arms and Maya hootch. From the top of the tallest pyramid at Maya ruins of Motul we’ll easily see nearly all of Lake Peten Itza and the locations of many other ancient Maya villages. Surely the Maya who lived at Motul long ago kept tabs on their Maya neighbors from the top of the very same pyramid – ancient Maya cell tower?

San Andres + San Jose + Motul Maya ruins

When we’re done exploring Motul, we’ll stop for a snack at a Maya home and enjoy some wonderfully prepared food. She’s Maya. She’s passionate about her meals. Lots of love.

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San Andres + San Jose + Motul
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