Mountain Biking / Road Biking ecotour ecotoursThe Mountain Biking / Road Biking ecotours are custom designed for you as half-day, full-day or multi-day ecotours. We have dozens of different bike routes here in Peten Guatemala. Excellent road bikes rides on perfect roads with nice wide shoulders – jungle all around.

The MTB rides are perfect. Absolutely awesome single/double track everywhere. No one uses it, except for the occasional Maya on a horsecart tending to their fields of beans and corn. Always easy to find some wild jungle fruit to eat along the way. Yum!

No matter on whether we do MTB or Road, there’ll be lots of jungle and lots of wildlife to observe. Some of past spottings include: howler monkeys, toucan, chacha / huraca / motmot birds, iguanas, all sorts of snakes, coatamundi, possum, deer, raccoon and more.

Complete mechanical support and an experienced guide are available for your Mountain Biking / Road Biking ecotour. We also have ride/trails maps for those wild adventure cyclists who want to create their own self-guided bike experience in Peten Guatemala. Yes, we have all the gear you need: bikes, helmets and gloves too :)

The Mountain Biking / Road Biking ecotour is also available as a half-day and multi-day ecotour.

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