Maya Medicine + Maya Pyramids ecotour ecotours$99-$159/pp donation includes all transport, snacks and lunch

Duration walking 3-4 hours + driving 2 hours
Meals/Snacks included – wild jungle fruits + Maya food forest lunch
Mountain Bike/MTB not available – but we can strap them on the roof of our shuttle and ride through the Maya ruins – that’s a very good thing :)
Difficulty easy to moderate hike / MTB trails
Guide included + MTB technical support + some good local stories – all true :)

The Maya Medicine + Maya Pyramids ecotour will take us to small Maya village about an hour drive from Buenas Cosas Community Center. If she’s feeling well, we’ll visit with a 4+ generation medicine woman and midwife. We will have lunch with a local family who live in the middle of their typical Maya permaculture food forest. We will visit a site full of Maya pyramids and jungle animals with not one single tourist, anywhere. This area is sacred to many Maya and must be respected, please. We may encounter local Maya practicing their Maya religious customs. If this does happen, please give them their space.

This is a private ecotour and we will not publicly share details of our Maya Medicine + Maya Pyramids ecotour because we want to protect it. More information about Maya architecture / pyramids. More information about Maya medicine.

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Maya Medicine + Maya Pyramids
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