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This is an overnight multi-day private ecotour to the middle of the jungle to swim in a lake dug by the ancient Maya of Peten Guatemala. This lake is amazing – it was obviously dug by hand and makes for some great swimming. Just be mindful of the cayman crocs that live at the lake. The croc rule is they don’t mess with anything they can’t swallow. These little guys don’t usually get much bigger than 3 or 4 feet – unless you’re height-challenged, there should be no issues.

Just in case, we’ll always keep someone watching the Maya lake from above to spot any incoming monster cayman crocs we’ve missed spotting in the past. This Maya lake ecotour will make for a great story when you get back to civilization.

We’ll sleep in an old chiclero shack for the night and cook on a Maya stove. The stars are amazing in this part of the Maya jungle. Easily add another ecotour or two to the Maya Lake ecotour to create a huge Maya jungle experience for your time here in Peten Guatemala.

We don’t publicly share details of our Maya Lake ecotour because we prefer to protect it :)

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