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This is a multi-day private ecotour to an island once ruled by the ancient Maya of Peten Guatemala. It’s a full-day hike or half-day MTB ride to the lake. We’ll camp with chicleros who will take us across the lake to the Maya island in their dugout canoe.

The is island packed full of Maya ruins. Other than the chicleros, we’ve never seen another soul at this Maya island.

We’ll spend the night in a chiclero shack on the edge of the lake or out on the Maya island in awesome jungle hammocks – these are comfy hammocks – not the shoulder-squashing / can’t-sleep-on-anything-other-than-your-back hammocks you’re probably accustomed to seeing/using. Hennessey makes a great hammock :)

We don’t publicly share details of our Maya Island ecotour because we want to protect it.

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