Maya Caves + Maya Community ecotour ecotours$59-$119/pp donation includes all transport, snacks and lunch.

Duration walking 3-4 hours + driving ~1 hour
Meals/Snacks included – wild jungle fruits + Maya lunch
Mountain Bike/MTB not really an option – unless you’re very gnarly
Difficulty easy to moderate hikes
Guide included + some good local stories – all true :)

This is a private ecotour to caves used by the ancient Maya of Peten Guatemala. Allegedly writings in these caves were the source of some of the archaeological investigations that ‘broke’ the ‘Maya code’. We’ve never seen the drawings – the O2 gets very thin far back in the caves – where the Maya drawings are allegedly located. We don’t publicly share details of our Maya Caves ecotour to preserve it.

Maya Caves information

We’ll also visit a Maya community and enjoy a Maya meal with one of the local Maya families. Many of the Maya in this community are expert horse-people. Maybe you’ll get the chance to watch a brass ring and pencil contest. Run your horse at full speed, pencil firmly-gripped in your fingers, and spear the tiny brass ring dangling from a ribbon strung across the road. Very fast. Very fun. Sometime they drink a little bit too much – drinking and driving your horse is acceptable here :)

Once lunch is done we’ll head down to the creek for a swim. Great little jungle creek.

Yes, we’re happy to also take you to Naj Tunich, if you like. For Maya Caves + Maya Community ecotour details Contact Us

Maya Caves + Maya Community
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