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The Lake Peten Itza ecotour is a full-day ecotour. We’ll take a boat all over lake Peten Itza and stop at a few of our favorites private, secluded beaches. Explore a bit of jungle. Visit Maya friends who live around the lake. Want to fish? The Blanco are excellent – yum :)

We’ll embark from the beach in San Benito and short walk from our Community Center in San Benito and board a typical Maya lancha which will be our transportation for the day. The water is crystal clear and we’ll see the giant Blanco fish that are native to this part of Peten – very tasty fish related to Crappie in the United States. Hopefully we’ll spot a Mawii turtle or three during our day-long journey. If we do spot a Mawii turtle we’ll need to document the sighting and gather as much data as we can for any Mawii we spot – it’s a turtle we’re working towards repopulating with our Good Turtles volunteer project.

We’ll stop at a Maya homes along the edge of the lake Peten Itza for a Maya lunch and once again for a Maya dinner before heading back to the Community Center in San Benito. This is a full-day ecotour. There’ll be many opportunities for swimming, if you like. Be sure and bring a good sunhat and sunscreen if you burn easily.

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