Half-day Maya Ecotour Adventures in Petén

Maya Jungle Paradise
Maya Jungle Paradise

Half-Day Maya Ecotour Adventures in Petén

Buenas Cosas has been developing and managing Maya adventures in Guatemala since 2011.

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We work with only the best and most professional / responsible adventures guides direct from our Partner Communities. Yes, English-speaking adventure guides are available :)

Private transport as well as community/public transport options available. We always prefer to use community/public transport – it’s more carbon friendly. But there are times when community/public transport is simply not a good fit. We have a transport services readily available from members of our Partner Communities. It’s always easy with Buenas Cosas :)

Half-day adventures are a quick and easy way to experience the beauty and rich Maya heritage of Peten Guatemala. Our half-day Maya adventures are listed below…


BMBBMFJ ecotour

Maya caves + Maya community ecotour

Flores + San Miguel + Tayazal + el Mercado ecotour

Maya medicine + Maya pyramids ecotour

Tikal ecotour

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