Flores + San Miguel / Tayazal + el Mercado ecotour

ecotourism.org ecotours$29-$79/pp donation with transport/MTBs, snacks and lunch.

Duration walking 3-6 hours + driving ~20 minutes
Meals/Snacks included – wild jungle fruits + lunch at real Guatemalan restaurant.
Mountain Bike/MTB makes for a great MTB ride
Difficulty easy to moderate hikes / MTB trails
Guide included + MTB technical support + some good local stories – all true :)

This is a private ecotour to Flores, San Miguel, Tayazal and the local market (el Mercado). We’ll visit Maya ruins, Maya ceremonial site for the local Maya Itza. Nice little boat ride across lake Peten itza. Visit to a motmot cave. We’ll close the tour with a lunch at one of the best local, authentic Guatemalan restaurants in Peten – except for our little group, not another gringo anywhere in sight.

Flores information

There is sooo much misinformation about the Maya heritage of this area. You won’t get any nonsense from us. You’ll get the straight-scoop on everything in Flores, San Miguel and Tayazal. We’ll also visit a Maya ceremonial site still used by the locals, descendants of the Maya who originally founded Nojpetén. We’ll visit the cave of a motmot – very cool bird – even better Maya legend.

We’ll finish the ecotour with a trip to the local Mercado for an authentic Guatemalan shopping experience and a good lunch at a local eatery. el Mercado is always fun and bustling full of shoppers and wonderful array of exotic fruits, spices, veggies and Real Guatemala.

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Flores + San Miguel / Tayazal + el Mercado ecotour donation

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