About Buenas Cosas

Registered Guatemala NonProfitBuenas Cosas is grass-roots nonprofit focused on sustainable social development based on permaculture. We are a group of Guatemalan women supported by international volunteers, local community stakeholders and our donors.

Altruism + Social Development
We gratefully receive donations from our worldwide network of supporters. We sell fair-trade, handcrafted, locally-sourced, organic products. Proceeds directly support our local social development initiatives.

Ecotours + Social Development
We provide community+nature friendly accommodations, adventures and ecotours to mindful travelers and volunteers in exchange for their donations. Ecotour and volunteer donations are  applied directly to our local social development projects.

Volunteering + Social Development
We tap the market of international travelers who want to volunteer within our social development projects and work side-by-side with the Directiva and our community members, co-creating a better world.


When we started Buenas Cosas we rather quickly realized social development is a slow process that takes years to effectively mature. Good social development is never an over-night success. It takes time, dedication and excellent communication, especially listening.


To date, development and integration of permaculture across many partner communities – representing more than 30,000 people, Gautemala families.

What does the future hold? We shall see. For now, we simply chop wood and carry water.

Social Development and You

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site. Support our permaculture-based social development. Please donate, join us here in Guatemala or purchase something special for yourself or a someone you love.

Thanks for Your Support, Peace, Love and Buenas Cosas :)

Directiva Buenas Cosas