Belen Peten GuatemalaThe Maya community of Belen is where we built our very first sustainable home. Great little community and everyone is always helping with their neighbors’ needs. Mostly subsistence farmers in this tiny Maya village – and a few with larger plots of land, families with horses, cows and goats.

The local county leases land to the local Maya farm families for a few dollars a year to grow their marginally productive crops of corn and beans. Local Guatemalan farmers have been hit hard the past several years with massively longer dry seasons that have depleted corn and bean harvests 40-60% the past 5 years or so. Yes, climate change is real and it’s affecting the Maya farmers in the villages we serve.

Your participation with Buenas Cosas in these Maya communities brings badly needed income to the Maya families we serve. Best of all, you’ll have a great time in Belen – a huge favorite with all our travelers and volunteers.