Traveler bed and breakfast plus ecotours

Bill and Jackie with their host Blanca
Bill and Jackie with their host Blanca

traveler bed and breakfast + ecotoursWe offer Guatemala bed and breakfast for $10, $15 and $20 per person per night. Support communities and nature with a Buenas Cosas Guatemalan Bed and Breakfast. We have hammocks, shared rooms, private rooms, entire homes. Tree-houses too. There’s a bed and breakfast for every budget and taste.

If you want more than bed and breakfast, we’ve got Guatemala family meals. Healthy Guatemalan food for carnivores, omnivores, vegans and vegetarians. Want to cook, use our Maya kitchen. Our Maya kitchen was first used by a visiting French Pastry chef – one of our previous volunteers. He cooked some awesome meals in our Maya kitchen. If you want to cook, your Maya kitchen is waiting :)

Most of our bed and breakfast participants visit Peten Guatemala to experience Tikal and perhaps a bit of shopping in Flores. Buenas Cosas has everything you need for an authentic Guatemalan vacation: bed and breakfast, good food, friendly English-speaking guides, safe and secure transport to Tikal and a dozen other Maya points-of-interest in the surrounding area. Afterall, Peten is the birthplace of the Maya :)

Anna and Dana with their hosts Angelica and Margarita - tortilla workshop
Anna and Dana- tortilla making workshop

We’re in Peten, the largest state/departamento in Guatemala. There’s so much more to Peten than just Flores and Tikal. We’re happy to help you experience it all.

We offer a host of activities and adventures: horseback riding, swimming in beautiful lake Peten Itza, jungle excursions, study Maya medicinal plants, Maya hammock weaving, Maya cooking classes, permaculture workshops, gardening, mountain biking, road biking, Maya cave adventures, Maya villages, Maya ruin adventures, La Danta (largest pyramid in the world), El Zotz Maya Ruins (amazing bat watching), and more.

Betta and Elena with their host Lezvia and her daughter
Betta and Elena and their host Lezvia and her daughter

Peten and the Maya Itza people were the last Maya to fall to the Spanish conquistadors. The Maya of Peten held-off the Spaniards for 150+ years.

Peten and its Maya were devastated by the civil war that ended in 1996. The people of Peten are amazingly resilient, kind and generous.

Adventures, guides, transport, tours, volunteer opportunities and a host of workshops are all easily arranged. All donation guidelines are affordable because Buenas Cosas is nonprofit. We’ve been doing nonprofit ecotourism and voluntourism here in Peten since 2011. We know what we’re doing and we’re happy to share our video testimonials.

Mia and Brent with William, son of their host.
Mia and Brent with William.

By participating with Buenas Cosas, you’ll be a true ecotourist. Your participation as an ecotourist makes you a greener more mindful traveler. Your donations directly help us do more good things here in Peten Guatemala. We support 20 Partner Communities with 5,000 rural poor families and we are so very grateful for your support. As a Buenas Cosas Traveler Bed and Breakfast participant you’ll also receive a Certificate of Appreciation.


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$20/night Choza Traveler bed and breakfast + ecotours

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